Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Giveaway for The Bell Center!

Ok peeps.  Listen up!  After a lot of thought and figuring out exactly how I wanted to pull it off I have finally figured out how I want to celebrate my 200th post!

I am going to try and be as short as possible with this because I don't want to lose people just because I was long winded.

Back in November I posted about The Bell Center and the Mercedes Marathon.  If you want the long and fully detailed post click here.  But if not, here is the short version.  Each year in Birmingham the Mercedes Marathon is held and The Bell Center, a non profit organization that provides early intervention services to children with disabilities, is one of the organizations that benefits from the marathon.  Runners will choose one child from The Bell Center to run in honor of and this year Nick and Ellen Miles are running for Isabelle.  They raise money and spend months training to get ready.  The Bell Center relies greatly on the money raised during this time.

So with only five days left until the big race I have decided to do a giveaway that will benefit The Bell Center.  I had three wonderfully generous ladies offer to provide the giveaway gifts and I will be giving them away in one big giveaway package!  Here are the three items the winner will get.

Donated by Debra are two Kokeshi dolls from Japan where she is currently living.  You can follow the link for a description of what the dolls are and below is a picture of what they look like.

Donated by Carin is a beautiful homemade quilt that she made herself.  It measures 39x48.  Here are some pictures.

And lastly, Robin has donated a bunch of goodies from her boutique.  She is donating one Lolicase travel wipe case, one Lolipouch travel diaper pouch, one size 2T "Corporate Kid" Kikai Tee, and one denim ribbon tie dress/shirt fits size 3T and up.  Below is a picture of the specific prize but you can visit her boutique to see her entire line of items.  All of her stuff is awesome!

So this is how the giveaway is going to work.  There will be a few ways to get entries.
1.  You must donate at least one dollar to The Bell Center.  For every dollar you donate you will get one entry.
2.  For every five dollars you donate I will give you one free entry.  So if you donate five dollars that will count for six entries.  If you donate ten dollars that will get you twelve entries.  So on and so on.
3.  After your initial one dollar entry you can also gain entries by blogging about the giveaway, tweeting about it, or emailing your friends.

In order to donate you can click on the Firstgiving widget on the left side bar then click on "Sponsor Us Now."  You will need a credit or debit card in order to make your donation.  Follow the prompts and you will be done.  Come back to my blog and leave me a comment here with the name displaying on the Firstgiving site and the amount that you donated.  The amounts are hidden on the Firstgiving site so I will have to trust you guys that you are being honest with the amount!  You can make up an anonymous display name on the Firstgiving site if you are worried about privacy.    

If you choose to blog about the giveaway leave me a comment with a link to the post.

If you want to tweet about it leave me a comment with a link to your Twitter account.  If you want to tweet about it everyday during the giveaway I will give you one entry per day.  Just leave me a separate comment for each.  

If you want to send an email out to friends and family I will give you one entry per person you email, up to five people.  Just make sure and send the email to me also so I will know you did it!  My email address is bellisplace@gmail.com.  Even though you will be sending me the email too I will still need you to leave a comment here telling me you sent out an email and the number of people.

DON'T FORGET, you have to donate at least ONE dollar before you can get other entries for blogging, tweeting, or emailing!

If you have already donated and want to be included in the giveaway leave me a comment with the amount you previously donated! 

The contest will be open until Sunday at 5pm and I will announce the winner Monday morning.  All donations are tax deductible.  And remember, you are helping a great cause that has helped Belli so much! 

Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to email me at bellisplace@gmail.com!


  1. Okay...so I'll start this party off by entering my tweet!! Here's my link!

  2. Ooops, I forgot to do my donation entry first!!

    I donated 25 bucks!!

  3. I donated $30.

    Belli is too cute!

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  6. I donated $15. Congratulations on doing some great fundraising.

  7. My $15 check is en route! Sorry that I live in the stone ages and don't have a Visa/MC logo on my ATM card...I cut up all my real credit cards long ago.

    All the best on the rest of your fundraising! ;)