Monday, February 1, 2010

The Post in Which I Complain About Things That Don't Really Matter in the Grand Scheme of Life

Today I left my house at 4:40 to get to my class at 5:30.  It takes about ten minutes to get to school from my house.  I didn't find a parking spot until 5:20.  One of the parking decks is closed so now there is no where to park.  We pretty much just drive around and pray we find a spot.  This ticks me off.  A school knows how many parking spots they have, how many students they have, and how many of those students live off campus and need a parking spot.  DON'T schedule so many classes with so many students if you don't have enough parking spaces!!!

After I finally got a space (3 blocks from class I might add) all the other people on the sidewalk seemed to have no where in particular to be and decided it was necessary to walk -5 miles an hour.  Get out of my way!

When I got to class someone was sitting in my seat.  WTH?!  Don't you know that after three weeks of someone else sitting in a chair you don't sit in it?  Don't you know that research shows people do better on tests when they sit in the same seat all semester and sit in that seat when they take a test?  Don't sit in my seat!

Then my teacher comes in and says that she will not be reviewing for our test we are having next week on Wednesday but instead will be starting on a new section that will not be on the test.  WTH?!  This is a math class.  You don't start a new section right before the test that's not going to be on the test.  It's too confusing.  And not only that but you expect us to study for the test AND do the homework and the quiz for the new section all by Monday?  WHAT?!?!?

Thank you.  I feel much better now.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you got that out...those stupid chair stealers! ;)


  2. I hate when teachers start to cover new material that won't be on the test! And it's never in the easy classes either.

  3. sometimes you just have to get it out.

    And from the 2 years I spend going to "normal" college before going to culinary school I quickly learned that most college professors kinda suck at life. But culinary school chefs are scatter brained and totally forget to tell you about tests all together. *eye roll*

  4. Someone stealing my chair makes me more mad than anything! I hate that.. I like my little spot ;)

    Glad you got it off your chest.. good luck with your upcoming test :)

  5. I am with you... taking my seat after seats have obv been established. Annoying. And trying to find a parking spot on campus. BIG pain. Yep. I hear you.

  6. Dude, those things would totally bother me too. In fact, I felt myself getting a little prickly on your behalf while I was reading it.