Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sigh of Relief

This week has been nuts!  Thank God it is almost over.  This is how the week went:

Monday:  Belli had a routine check up with her GI (looked great and weighed in at 24 pounds 7 ounces) and PT for an hour.  I had class that night for an hour.

Tuesday:  Belli was at The Bell Center for two hours in the morning and then had her evaluation for preschool that afternoon.  It lasted a little over an hour.

Wednesday:  Belli has PT at the house for an hour in the morning.  She had her second day of evaluation that afternoon that lasted a little over and hour.  I was supposed to have class that night but fortunately it was canceled.

Thursday: The Bell Center in the morning again and then I had class from 430-7.

I know that doesn't sound TOO bad.  But did I mention that I had a HUGE project due in class tonight (Thursday).  And that Belli hasn't napped in almost two weeks?  And that she has gotten really really clingy lately?  And that she has recently taken to pooping in her diaper again?

But it's ok...the week is almost over.  And I am finished with one class.  And I got an A!

And now another sigh of relief!