Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Over 4,000 Lives Lost for Nothing?

I've been going back and forth with myself on deciding whether or not I wanted to talk about this.  I figure that it's a losing battle considering the majority of my readers do not have the same political thinking I do.  And let's be honest, who wants to write about something knowing they will likely be getting less than friendly comments about it?  I didn't really want to myself.  But, then I saw this clip from the Keith Olberman show last night.  I have been struggling to find the words that would express my feelings about this subject in a coherent manner but I think this video sums it up very well.  I know it is kind of long but I would really appreciate you watching it. 

Ground Zero "Mosque"

You see, I can't just not say anything.  I can't just not stand up for something I believe to be right and true.

I can't believe that it is ok to discriminate against a group of people because they have a few bad seeds.  Just in case you guys didn't know, Muslim does NOT equal terrorist.  The terrorists of 9/11 happened to be Muslim.  Yes, they were acting in the name of their religion but it is a very warped idea that they have.  In fact, the Muslim faith as a whole is very peace loving.    

I think Keith Olberman made a lot of very good points but there were two in particular that struck me hard.

First, it is said that the reason our country invaded Iraq was to protect the Iraqis from Suddam Hussein's tyranny.  To protect the Iraqis' lives and freedoms.  In case you didn't know, Iraqis are Muslim.  So our soldiers can fight, and die, to protect Muslims in Iraq but we can't even protect those same freedoms in our own country?  There is something not quite right about that.

Second, keep in mind why the terrorists did what they did.  They want to force us to change.  They hate freedom and they resent that our citizens have rights.  They wanted us to become more like them.  So are we really honoring those who died in the 9/11 attacks and all of the soldiers who are fighting against terrorism by denying our citizens the freedoms that the terrorists so badly want to take from us?

Just something to think about.


  1. *this is me giving you a big fat virtual high five*

    You rock my socks lady. And all this drama about the Mosque is so ridiculously insane to me it isn't even funny! There is already a mosque 2 blocks away from where this one is going to be built, and the vast majority of New York residents had no issue with this at all. So how on earth did it even become a story?

    Well... turns out the media needs something to put a spin on, and this was it. Then you the certain people fired up and it all spins out of control.

    But this was never an issue in the first place (nor should it ever have been), and trying to make it one is just ridiculous and quite frankly - the exact opposite of what America stands for.

    Like I said; big high five!

  2. Awesome, because I usually try to stay away from these things on my blog as well, and yet, my post last night stems from this exact same thing.

    I will have to watch this clip later (only caught the last little bit of K.O. last night and getting kids ready for the first day of school today!) but sounds like, as is par for his course, he's dead on.

    I join in with S.I.F with the big fat virtual high five.

  3. Thanks ladies! I was expecting some not so great comments on this one but so far so good!

  4. I hear you on the discrimination and how unfair it is. I have my own feelings on a mosque there however. But I don't judge all Baptist churches based on the psychos that attend Westboro Baptist! There are crooked cops, sick priests and negligent moms - but those are fortunately just a few bad seeds out of an orchard of good.
    Way to tackle the tough stuff :)

  5. A friend of mine visited Italy, met a guy and fell in love. She is moving to Italy to start a life with him. He is not Italian, he's from Syria. I number of small-minded 'friends' call him a terrorist just b/c he is from Syria. It's sad, truly sad.


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