Monday, September 13, 2010

Conversations With Stupid People

I have a lot of them.  Quite frequently as a matter of fact.  Most of the time these conversations occur at work.  I'm a leasing agent and an apartment complex for those of you who don't know.  This conversation I had yesterday is an example.

Me:  Hi!  What can I do for you today?
Lady:  I'm looking for a one bedroom apartment.
Me:  Ok, when were you looking to move?
Lady:  Tomorrow.
Me:  Oh, well we won't have a one bedroom until October.
Lady:  Well, I can wait until October.  Can I see one.
Me:  No, they are all occupied right now so I don't have any to show but I can show you a two bedroom that is similar.

(The lady and I then go to said two bedroom apartment)

Me (while showing the apartment):  Now, the kitchen's in the one bedroom will have all the appliances just like the two bedroom does but it will be a little smaller.  It will cut off about right here (at this point I show the lady where it will cut off) so you will lose a little bit of counter and cabinet space but you do still get all of the appliances including the built in microwave.
Lady (about ten seconds later):  Now is the kitchen in the one bedroom smaller than this one.
Me:  Ugh....yeah.
Lady:  Oh, well about how much smaller is it?
Me:  It will cut off about right here. (I show her where...again).
Lady:  Well will there still be room for all of the appliances?
Me:  Yep.
Lady:  Including the microwave?
Me:  Yes...



  1. Oh how I miss the stupidity of random customers since my days of working in a people oriented industry... all you can do is love!

  2. Oh it bad that I cracked up? Some people... ;)