Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fall Fun

Believe it or not having a special needs child does come with it's perks.  One of those being that some of their "firsts" come a lot later than a typical child.  This way their childhood doesn't feel like it is slipping away quite as fast!

This year was the first year that Belli really had the strength and the balance to play in leaf piles.  So, last week we raked up a big pile of leaves and let her have at it.  It. Was. Awesome.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Belliisms 9

These go waaaaay back to April so bare with me!  There might be a lot!

While watching the news the reporter said "damage" in reference to the storm damage.  Belli yells, "Hey!  You can't say that!  That's not a nice word!!!!!"

(This isn't really a Belliism, just something she did.  It was too funny not to post though)
I was watching a clip for Grey's Anatomy on my computer and Belli wanted me to turn it down so she could hear the TV.  I told her no so she went and turned on the loudest toy she had in the room.  Talk about passive-aggressive.

Belli:  Why do you still have both of your ears?
Me:  Umm...because you usually get to keep both ears.
Belli:  Well, if I eat a lot of vegetables I'll get to drive daddy's Jeep.

My mom asked Belli what she would do if she was out somewhere and got lost.  She said, "Well, I would just go find a hiding place somewhere so we could play hide and seek!"

Me:  Belli, hurry up!  (In reference to her cleaning up her room)
Belli:  Look, I only have two hands!

Little girl to me:  Aww, she's so cute.  How old is she?
Me:  (instead of saying she's almost four) She's 4.
Belli:  Awww MAY-un.  Did I miss my birthday?!?!?!

Belli to me:  Eww.  Something stinks.  I think it's my birthday surprise.  Or maybe it's you because you haven't taken a shower today.

Belli:  Oh wait.  I think I'm too big to walk in this hat!

My mom to Belli:  Look, you mommy needs some peace and quiet.
Belli:  Well I need some peace and loud!

After dropping Belli's ponytail holder into the toilet she looks down and says, "Aww man!  That was my 18th favorite color."

After telling Belli that I came in her room last night to check on her while she was asleep she said, "Well why didn't I say something to you?  Like gracias, or de nada, or...tree?"

Monday, August 8, 2011

Belli's Big Birthday Surprise

This year for Belli's birthday I decided it was high time for a swing set of her own.  After looking for a few weeks I finally decided on this one:
It has a slide, swings, monkey bars, a built in toy box, bench/bar, and picnic table to eat and drink at.  It also has an area that you can fill with sand for a sand box but I haaaaaaate sand so I haven't put anything in it yet.  Anyway, I knew it would be difficult to put together but I really enjoy building stuff so I thought it would be fun.  I took pictures each day to capture my progress.

Here is day one.  The amount of wood and hardware alone took up my whole den.

Day Two (I can't find the pictures for day two but I am pretty sure I just put together the ladders)

Day Three: I had help from my dad and sister hold the pieces up while we attached the top boards.

Day Four (I only had a few hours to work but I got the floors in that day)
Day Five

Day 6 (had help from Belli's dad putting the roof up)

Day 7

Isn't it beautiful?!?!  And in case you are wondering, yes, I did do almost all of it by myself.  Big props to my dad though for helping me a few times when I couldn't figure something out.  But, the biggest props of all go to my sister and mother for keeping Belli entertained for the whole week while I built it.  Without them there is no way I would have had the time to do it nor would I have been able to keep it a secret from her.  She was majorly surprised.  I will post picture from the birthday soon!

Friday, July 22, 2011

In the Past 3 Months...

I have been sooooo busy (and a little bit lazy) which would explain my lack of updates.  But, due to many "complaints" (Ahem...Lori and Aunt Karen) I felt it was high time I let everyone know what has been going on our lives. has been really boring and uneventful for the most part.

I finished another semester of school at the beginning of May.  I feel like I had a lot going on in May but now I can't remember a single thing that I did.  I started another semester of school in June and it has been a whirlwind ever since.  I am only taking two classes but when you have to get in the same amount of work in two months that you normally do in four months it feels like a lot more than that.  So needless to say I have been unbelievably busy with school work.  As part of an assignment for one class I had to spend 20 hours at the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind.  There is a regional center in Birmingham which is where I was.  It was a very enlightening experience.  The first day we went to the Lakeshore Foundation and the kids did the rock climbing wall and swam.  The second day we went to the zoo and the last day we went to the Botanical Gardens and then bowling.  It was amazing to me what these kids could do.  I mean climbing a rock wall and diving into a pool with no sight is very brave to me.  Just goes to show that a child with a disability can still do all of the same things everyone else can.

Back in June I had a bit of a health scare when I found a medium sized lump in one of my breasts.  My fears were almost immediately put to rest though when I consulted Dr. Google and decided that it was likely a fibroadenoma.  That was exactly what it felt like and it didn't have any of the characteristics of a "bad" lump.  I scheduled and appointment with my doctor and he thought the same thing and sent me to get an ultrasound.  The radiologist agreed but said it was pretty large so I decided to go ahead and have it removed.  The surgery was yesterday and I was in and out in no time.  They sent the mass to pathology but my surgeon said it looked just like a fibroadenoma so that's most likely what it was.  Should get the results for sure though some time next week.  

We went to the beach a couple of weeks ago and me being the horrible mother that I am took ZERO pictures.  I did take one video of her swimming though.  It took a full day of screeching but I finally convinced Belli that she would not sink with her floaties on and she finally let me let her go.  After that she had a blast.  Fortunately my mom did take a few pictures so at least I have something to remember the trip!



Belli has also taken to dancing lately.  I posted this on my Facebook so those of you who I am friends with may have seen this but if not it's worth a look.  Very funny!

Health wise Belli is good.  We will see both ortho and neuro sometime in August so there are no new updates since the last time I posted about them.  She did have her well check up this week though and everything looked good.  She has finally broken the 30 pound mark at 30 pounds 8 ounces. 

On the school front she will be starting back at her public school in August just one day a week and then will start going the other four days to our church preschool.  I am VERY excited about this because I am taking three classes in the fall which means I will need to do 60 observation hours and with Belli in school 5 days a week I will have plenty of time to do them.  This will be my last semester of classes and I will be doing my student teaching in the Spring.  Hooray!!

I think that is all for now.  I promise I won't go so long without an update again.  Belli's birthday is coming up so I am sure I will have a post about that.  And then another one in August after her check ups with her ortho and neuro.  Hopefully they will both be good reports!