Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rammer Jammer

I thought since it's been so long since I posted one of these and we are fresh off of a Arkansas stomping now would be a great time!  Roll Tide!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Belliisms 9

These go waaaaay back to April so bare with me!  There might be a lot!

While watching the news the reporter said "damage" in reference to the storm damage.  Belli yells, "Hey!  You can't say that!  That's not a nice word!!!!!"

(This isn't really a Belliism, just something she did.  It was too funny not to post though)
I was watching a clip for Grey's Anatomy on my computer and Belli wanted me to turn it down so she could hear the TV.  I told her no so she went and turned on the loudest toy she had in the room.  Talk about passive-aggressive.

Belli:  Why do you still have both of your ears?
Me:  Umm...because you usually get to keep both ears.
Belli:  Well, if I eat a lot of vegetables I'll get to drive daddy's Jeep.

My mom asked Belli what she would do if she was out somewhere and got lost.  She said, "Well, I would just go find a hiding place somewhere so we could play hide and seek!"

Me:  Belli, hurry up!  (In reference to her cleaning up her room)
Belli:  Look, I only have two hands!

Little girl to me:  Aww, she's so cute.  How old is she?
Me:  (instead of saying she's almost four) She's 4.
Belli:  Awww MAY-un.  Did I miss my birthday?!?!?!

Belli to me:  Eww.  Something stinks.  I think it's my birthday surprise.  Or maybe it's you because you haven't taken a shower today.

Belli:  Oh wait.  I think I'm too big to walk in this hat!

My mom to Belli:  Look, you mommy needs some peace and quiet.
Belli:  Well I need some peace and loud!

After dropping Belli's ponytail holder into the toilet she looks down and says, "Aww man!  That was my 18th favorite color."

After telling Belli that I came in her room last night to check on her while she was asleep she said, "Well why didn't I say something to you?  Like gracias, or de nada, or...tree?"