Sunday, August 29, 2010

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today my school in Mobile forced the students to evacuate.

Five years ago today I drove home with my roommate, glad that school had been canceled, not thinking anything that bad would happen.

Five years ago today I thought, "We've been evacuated two other times in a year already.  It's never as bad as they say it is."

Five years ago today my roommate and I went to my Aunt's house for dinner because my parents were out of town.  We didn't get to leave because the storm was already so bad.

Five years ago today I had no idea that the next day I would wake up to power outages and trees in the streets from a storm that happened hundreds of miles away.

Five years ago today I had no idea that when I returned to Mobile the next day because the campus had power while my house didn't that I would spend the next few days slowly learning of friends and sorority sisters who had lost all but their lives.

Five years ago today I didn't realize that school would be closed for more than a week while the students from Mississippi and Louisiana tried to pick up what little was left of their lives. 

Five years ago today I never imagined that I would travel down I-10 with my boyfriend at the time to help his grandparents clean everything out of their two story house that was flooded halfway up the second floor.

 Five years ago today I had no idea that the things that I saw on that drive would be forever etched into my mind.  Brown pine straw and leaves up to the tallest part of trees where the salt water had risen and killed them.  Boats that had washed up on the roads.  The National Guard patrolling the city to keep peace and order.  Spray painted doors indicating that the houses were abandoned and had been checked for bodies.

Five years ago today I didn't know that I would be helping my boyfriend's grandmother clean out a closet full of memories as she wiped away the tears.  Including letters her husband had written her while he was away at war that were now unreadable.

Five years ago today a monster hit this nation.  And I will never forget.  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Belliisms 5

Oh the things she comes up with...

Upon getting in trouble the other day Belli started singing, "Mommy, mommy, mommy.  You don't treat me no good no more," to the tune of Lover, Lover by Jerrod Niemann.

One of the churches where I live is ridiculously large.  In high school we called it Six Flags Over Jesus.  Mainly because it was huge but also because it actually does have flags out front.  Except I think there are only five.  Anyway...when we drove by it the other day Belli yelled, "Look!  There's Cinderella's castle!"  Here is a pictures:
I accidentally kicked something across the floor the other day that I didn't see and Belli said, "No, no mommy.  Now I know you didn't mean to do that but you don't need to do it again."

On the first day of school she told her teacher that she liked her haircut.  Suck up.

One day I told Belli that my toes were cold.  She asked me if I needed some socks.  I was thinking she was going to offer to get me some socks but when I told her I needed some she said, "Well go get some." 

I took her to the potty the other day.  I sat her down and she told me that she needed her ABC cook.  I told her ok and she said, "That means I need to go poopoo."

Thanks for the info honey.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Fundraiser!

You know you're a mom when...

You receive a large envelope with fundraiser information during the second week of school!

Belli's school is doing their fundraiser through Innisbrook.  They even have it set up now to where you can order online and have it sent directly to your house.  They are selling wrapping paper, gift bags, yummy chocolate stuff, and even makeup and magazines.

So, if anyone is interested leave a comment with your email address and I can email you a link.  Or you can email me at if you don't want to leave your email address on my blog!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Over 4,000 Lives Lost for Nothing?

I've been going back and forth with myself on deciding whether or not I wanted to talk about this.  I figure that it's a losing battle considering the majority of my readers do not have the same political thinking I do.  And let's be honest, who wants to write about something knowing they will likely be getting less than friendly comments about it?  I didn't really want to myself.  But, then I saw this clip from the Keith Olberman show last night.  I have been struggling to find the words that would express my feelings about this subject in a coherent manner but I think this video sums it up very well.  I know it is kind of long but I would really appreciate you watching it. 

Ground Zero "Mosque"

You see, I can't just not say anything.  I can't just not stand up for something I believe to be right and true.

I can't believe that it is ok to discriminate against a group of people because they have a few bad seeds.  Just in case you guys didn't know, Muslim does NOT equal terrorist.  The terrorists of 9/11 happened to be Muslim.  Yes, they were acting in the name of their religion but it is a very warped idea that they have.  In fact, the Muslim faith as a whole is very peace loving.    

I think Keith Olberman made a lot of very good points but there were two in particular that struck me hard.

First, it is said that the reason our country invaded Iraq was to protect the Iraqis from Suddam Hussein's tyranny.  To protect the Iraqis' lives and freedoms.  In case you didn't know, Iraqis are Muslim.  So our soldiers can fight, and die, to protect Muslims in Iraq but we can't even protect those same freedoms in our own country?  There is something not quite right about that.

Second, keep in mind why the terrorists did what they did.  They want to force us to change.  They hate freedom and they resent that our citizens have rights.  They wanted us to become more like them.  So are we really honoring those who died in the 9/11 attacks and all of the soldiers who are fighting against terrorism by denying our citizens the freedoms that the terrorists so badly want to take from us?

Just something to think about.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Belli's Masterpiece

Yes that IS a wall that she colored all over.  Thanks for asking.  Can you guys see the letters she has written towards the bottom?  And that one HUGE "A" in the top right corner.  The wall with never be the same.

Friday, August 13, 2010

5 Question Friday

It's already time for Mama M's Five Question Friday again.  You know what that means?  Only one more day until I have to go to work =-(  Boo!!!  I'm glad I have a job but man I have to go outside a lot and man it's hot. are this weeks questions.

Oh yeah...and don't forget to check out Belli dancing to Boom Boom Pow if you haven't seen it.

1.  Have you ever been to another country?
Nope but I have been to 14 states.

2.  Where is the strangest place you have ever been?
Chinatown.  Without a doubt that is the strangest most terrifying place I have ever been.

3.  What is your favorite season?
Definitely the fall.  I love the colors and knowing it's about to be cold finally!

4.  What one song will always cheer you up?
Ok don't laugh.  Mmmbop by Hanson.  I may have had a minor major obsession with them when I was in oh 5th-7th grade.

5.  What Disney character do you resemble most?
I guess that would be Belle since she has brown hair.  Or maybe Wendy from Peter Pan?  I don't know.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Belli's First Day of Preschool!

Today was Belli's first day of preschool!  In case you guys haven't figured it out yet Belli is a very social person and jumps at the chance to meet and talk to new people so needless to say she was very excited about starting her new school.  I was a little worried because this would be the first time I wouldn't be bringing her in to school.  Instead we had to go through the carpool line.  When we got there one of the ladies started getting Belli out of the car and she looked at me and sad, "Aren't you going to bring me inside?"  It was so pitiful!  I almost cried when she said that.  I told her that I wasn't going to be able to bring her in and that she would be fine.  So she got out of the car and I drove off.  I was so afraid that she had started crying once I drove off.

I needn't have worried though because a couple hours later Belli's PT that was at the school let me know that she was doing great, participating, and already the class favorite.  And she told her teacher that she liked her haircut!  What a suck up!

When I came to pick her up she went on and on and on about what all she did at school.  She was so excited and seemed to have had a great time.  You could just hear it in her voice.  But then I asked her if she wanted to go back next week and she told me no.  I'm pretty sure she was just a little confused though.  I'm glad she had such a great time.

And here are some pictures from before school with her backpack on.

Monday, August 9, 2010


That's how I feel about any type of insect.  They are horrifying.  So you can imagine my panic when I saw this on my front door.

Yes, pure terror and then a panic attack.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Belli's Third Birthday

Belli's 3rd birthday was a blast!  She had her party on Saturday and all of her family (with the exception of her dad and uncle who are on a deployment right now) from Mobile came up.  I got off of work at five and we had dinner shortly after that.  Then it was time for presents!  Unfortunately Belli doesn't exactly like to open presents.  I'm not sure why but she will straight up tell you she doesn't want to open them.  She did the same thing at Christmas.  After the first few she was a little more keen on the idea but she doesn't get that excited like I have seen other kids be.  Oh well, she still had fun.  Here are some pictures from the day!