Thursday, August 26, 2010

Belliisms 5

Oh the things she comes up with...

Upon getting in trouble the other day Belli started singing, "Mommy, mommy, mommy.  You don't treat me no good no more," to the tune of Lover, Lover by Jerrod Niemann.

One of the churches where I live is ridiculously large.  In high school we called it Six Flags Over Jesus.  Mainly because it was huge but also because it actually does have flags out front.  Except I think there are only five.  Anyway...when we drove by it the other day Belli yelled, "Look!  There's Cinderella's castle!"  Here is a pictures:
I accidentally kicked something across the floor the other day that I didn't see and Belli said, "No, no mommy.  Now I know you didn't mean to do that but you don't need to do it again."

On the first day of school she told her teacher that she liked her haircut.  Suck up.

One day I told Belli that my toes were cold.  She asked me if I needed some socks.  I was thinking she was going to offer to get me some socks but when I told her I needed some she said, "Well go get some." 

I took her to the potty the other day.  I sat her down and she told me that she needed her ABC cook.  I told her ok and she said, "That means I need to go poopoo."

Thanks for the info honey.


  1. Seriously, I think I'd like to just hang out with her for a day.

    My abs would get the best workout from laughing so hard!! She is a hoot!

  2. I can only imagine what she's going to come up with when she's older! :)

  3. "you don't treat me no good no more"!!! OMG how absolutely hilarious...she is such a hoot!