Friday, January 28, 2011

Five Question Friday

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1.  If you had $1000 to to donate to one charity which would you choose?
It would probably be between The Bell Center, a neat little organization called the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation, or to a coworker of mine who goes on mission trips to Swaziland every year.  

2.  Snow days: do you welcome them happily or are they a pain in the butt?
I absolutely LOVE snow days.  The only problem is that here in Alabama we have snow days when there is only an inch or so of snow which actually isn't really that much fun to play in.

3.  What talent do you wish you had and why?
I wish I could sing.  I love to sing and I love music but I have horrible voice!

4.  Are you a news, politics, or celebrity news junkie?
I am a news and politics junkie.  I can't stand celebrity news.  It's so stupid and dramatic and no big deal if it was about a non-celebrity.

5.  What is your favorite cocktail?
I love long island iced teas!

1 comment:

  1. See? You're totally meant to live in MN. You know, if we ever had snow days. For pete's sake, we can get a foot of snow, and school will still be on!! Drives me crazy!