Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bagel, Belliism, Bunnies, and Awards

When I was in 4th grade we got a family dog.  She was a beagle and I (rather smartly I thought) named her Bagel.  Yep, Bagel the beagle.  This is her:
Or, I suppose I should say, this was her.  Sadly, after almost 15 years we had to put her down back in March.  This was the first death that Belli has ever had to deal with so I was interested to see how she would react.  I decided not to mention it to her unless she asked because she was never really fond of dear Bagel anyway.  I mean why bring it up if she doesn't really care anyway right?

Well a few days later Belli was outside with my dad and she asked him where Bagel was.  He told her something about her getting sick and being in doggy Heaven now and all that stuff.  Well, without missing a beat Belli says, "Well.  I guess that means she won't be bothering when I play in my sandbox anymore now will she?"  So, needless to say Belli handled the death well. 

On the upside, because Bagel is no longer on the prowl in our backyard we now have a brand new bunny.  Belli named him Bruno and he lives in our backyard.  What's really awesome about him is that he is a wild bunny so we don't even have to take care of him.  He comes and goes as he pleases and finds his own food.  It's quite nice really.  Here is Bruno:
Isn't he cute?  We love to sit by the back door and watch him hop around.

And last, but certainly not least, Belli was nominated for the Finley Award.  This is an award that our school system does based on character.  There is one kid per class per grade nominated each year and they pick the kids who have consistently shown good character.  Only the high school overall winners and the faculty winner get the money that is awarded but just to be nominated is an honor.  Here are some picture from the ceremony last night:

And here are some pictures of her certificate, free meal from Beef O'Bradys, and her medal:

I am one proud momma!


  1. Look at that sweet girl standing up proud. I'm proud of her too!!

  2. isabelle is an amazing and gifted child!

  3. Hello, I'm your new follower; somehow I found you through My Little Life's blog.

    Your daughter Belli is so adorable! Congrats on her achievement! I think her mom also deserves a big pat at the back :) I think you're a terrific mother!

    I must admit before now I didn't even know about Larsen's syndrome... I hope and pray that Belli would live life to the fullest despite it.

    Your new friend,

  4. so sorry, we lost our cat of 16 years a week after moving to a new state. it was so hard on my babies

  5. Hi Belli!
    My name is Jenna and I came across your blog. I have a rare life threatening disease, and my bones dislocate sometimes and get out of the joints, that is what happened to my jaw joints, and it was very painful. My joints also dissinagrates, so there is nothing left of the joint.
    U are an amazing brave courageous fighter, and such an inspiration. U are a great smiler! I am so proud of you that you got the award!

  6. Belli is just beautiful!!! So glad you gusy are doing well!!

  7. Awwww spoken like a proud mom! Great job!

  8. It would make me so sad if that was my daughter's feeling towards a family pet. I know little children are blunt, but that's awfully callous and it would make me worry what I was teaching her and how well she was learning to care/empathize. How sad. :-/

  9. Anonymous,

    Thanks for your reply! Bagel was not actually a pet of my daughter's. She was a pet of mine that I got in 4th grade. My daughter did not spend that much time with her and the little time she did spend with her usually consisted of Bagel getting in her face which she doesn't like very much! And I'm not worried one bit about what I am teaching my daughter. She is a very sweet, loving, caring little girl which is obvious in the fact that she won the award I mentioned in the post. To me, winning an award for having good character sort of shows that you care about others and treat them well. Thanks for stopping by!