Friday, October 1, 2010

Conversations With Stupid People-Part Two

Conversation One
Me:  Thank you for calling ______ ______ Apartments this is Amanda how can I help you?

Caller A (a woman):  Yes, how much are your two bed two bath apartments?

Me:  The ones we have available now range from $699 to $830 just depending on the floor plan.

Caller A:  Ok, well my husband and I have both gotten jobs in the area.  How far are your apartments from City A and City B.

Me:  Oh, actually those aren't really that close.  Probably around 45 minutes just depending on the traffic.

(Caller A precedes to ask a lot of really stupid questions and I answer them)

Caller A:  Hang on just a second so I can get pen to write down directions so I can Mapquest it.

Me: (thinking that if you are going to Mapquest something all you need is the address which you already have but whatever) Ok, sure.

Caller A:  (lots of noise, kids screaming, rustling on paper for about two minutes)

Me:  Still waiting...

Caller B (a man this time):  Hello?

Me:  Yes...

Caller B:  Who is this?

Me:  Amanda.

Caller B:  What apartments are these?

Me: ________  _________ Apartments.

Caller B:  Oh.  How much do your two bedroom two bath apartments cost?

Me:  ...Right now they range from $699-$830 just depending on the floorplan.

Caller B then precedes to ask me the same exact questions as Caller A did five minutes ok.  Idiots. 

Conversation 2
This isn't actually a conversation, just something I saw posted on our neighborhood's online message board.

"Does anyone know where the _______ _________ Art Show is going to be?  I keep seeing signs on the roads with arrows pointing where to go if you are driving but if you want to walk to it where is it located?"

Seriously?  I mean I'm pretty sure that those arrows that show you how to get there if you are driving you can still use to get there if you walk.


  1. Seriously! Ugh. I used to have a bumper sticker that said "If only stupidity was painful" LOL

  2. Why, silly...dontcha know, street arrows are only for cars. Walkers need a special kind of sign. ;)