Friday, November 5, 2010

MRI Results and Five Question Friday

Belli and I met with her neurosurgeon earlier this morning to discuss the results of her MRI.  It's been so long since we have seen him that he hasn't seen Belli walking yet.  Which by the way she is REALLY good at now.  So when he opened the door I told Belli to walk over there and she went straight to him and gave him a huge hug.  It was so precious! 

Anyway...on to the results!  According to her doctor her MRI from yesterday looks basically the same as the last one we got done pre-operation.  So, the good news is that she hasn't gotten any worse.  The bad news is that aside from maybe keeping her spine from getting worse both surgeries didn't really do a lot of good.  The other good news is that he was really impressed with her walking and that as long as her spine doesn't get any worse and she isn't showing any signs of neurological impairments then we will continue to put off the next surgery. 

He said that he would like to wait at least two more years so her bones will be bigger and stronger so the fusion will take the next go round.  Now, he didn't say we COULD wait two years.  Just that he was hoping to be able to wait two years. 

What I do know is that as long as Belli continues to show no signs of problems it will be AT LEAST six months before her next surgery because he doesn't want to see her back until then.  He said since I've been doing this for so long I know what to look for and know when to call if something is wrong.

So all in all I'm happy about the report.  Of course  I always hope for that miracle that her spine will just randomly straighten on it's own but realistically both her doctor and I are just happy when things don't get worse.

On to Five Question Friday with Mama M... 

1.  If you could have any talent and turn it into an occupation what would it be?
Absolutely singing!  I love to sing!  Unfortunately I am really horrible at it.  I only sing in the car when no one is around.  It's really bad.  Seriously.

2.  Would you rather have a house at the beach or a cabin in the woods?
Definitely a house at the beach.  The woods kinda freak me out.  Plus I reeeeaaallllly hate bugs.

3.  Is there a meaning or reasoning behind your children's name?
Isabelle is Italian for Elizabeth and two of her great-grandmothers are named Elizabeth.  And my middle name is Elizabeth.

4.  What is your guilty pleasure?
Pizza and whole milk.

5.  Do you live in a house that is deep cleaned or straightened?
Straightened.  Deep cleaning is for the birds.


  1. I know you might have wanted different news, but this is good news too!! I am so glad she is doing so good!! I miss her! Give her a big hug for me.

    Heather Warwick

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad to hear that things are stable!

    I totally forgot your aversion to bugs until you mentioned it again! That is too funny!! I'll never forget one of your comments when I wrote about the said something like "I'm freaking out all the way down here in Alabama"!! I died!!

    I love singing too...but I try to spare those around me from the torture that is listening to me try to belt out a tune. Although, I'm known to sing, Opera style, the songs from church. Much to my family's dismay! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. This sounds like good news to me. No surgery in the near future is ALWAYS good news! But, I'm continuing to pray for you and Belli to get that miracle too. You totally deserve it friend!