Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MRI Update

Belli's doctor was in emergency surgery today after her MRI was finished so we weren't able to get the report.  We will go back Friday to talk to him.

However, I did talk to his nurse practitioner when I was scheduling the appointment for Friday and she did say that when the radiologist reads the pictures from the MRI if they are bad then the radiologist pages the nurse immediately and she hadn't been paged yet.  After the last MRI that we had when we found out she would need the fusion the nurse was in the recovery room before we even got up there so I know they page them quick.

So...I will take that as a good sign and just hope for the best.  We will find out Friday for sure either way though.


  1. How nervewracking. I hope that the results you get Friday are fabulous!

  2. Sounds like good news to me! Will keep praying and thinkin' about her!! (and you!)