Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Guess who showed up for dinner tonight while I was feeding Belli?

This little SOB...

That's right.  I called it an SOB.  If you read this post you will know why this is such a big deal.

I was just minding my own business when the little bugger decided to rear it's ugly head less than a foot away from Belli and me.  My dad, my main concern because of his severe allergy, was sitting just feet away in the living room.  I snatched Belli up out of her chair gave her to my dad and told him to bring her upstairs and stay there.  I was going to kill it with a fly swatter.  My dad, being the chivalrous man that he is, insisted on coming back down to kill it knowing that I was just going to panic, freak out, have a heart attack, or all of the above.

I assured him this was not the case.  I was wrong.  I had an epic fail today in this regard.  That little bugger flew out from behind the blinds and I ran.  It was pitiful.  But while I was running I was yelling at my dad not to go in there.  So we compromised.  He could kill it but he had to use the wasp spray.  It's an instant killer and shoots from afar.

So, now it's dead and I have come to the realization that once I am living by myself and there's a yellow jacket in the house I will just have to leave.  Nice.