Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I Hate the Spring and Summer Part 2

I was not intending on doing a part 2 of this post but over the past few days I have realized that there are a couple more reasons I hate this time of the year.  These are really geared more towards the summer time than the spring time because it doesn't start happening a lot until it gets hotter.  To read part one of this post you can click here.

Exhibit D
Tornadoes.  One of my biggest fears.  And unfortunately Alabama gets them a lot once the weather starts getting really warm.  I have not always been this afraid of tornadoes and storms but ever since we has a very small F0 tornado come through our neighborhood in 2004 I have been terrified.  Especially of wind.  Thunderstorms even scare me now if there is a lot of wind.  When that tornado came through in 2004 lightening hit my TV and shorted it out and my next door neighbor's tree fell down and just barely missed our house.  By barely I mean our gutters were dented a little bit from it.  When I was woken up by the lightening hit and the tree falling my parents and I all ran downstairs to go get the dog in.  We opened the door and she didn't come.  My dad started yelling that he thought she was under the tree.  Both my mom and dad just stood there like bumps on a log so I ran out in the middle of the storm to find the dog.  Fortunately she wasn't under the tree and I didn't get struck by lightening myself.  But I have never felt terror like that before.  So that is why I am now so scared of tornadoes and thunderstorms.

Exhibit E
Roaches.  I hate them so much that I could only look at the pictures long enough to find two.  I have chills right now as we speak.  My heart is pounding and my hands are twitching a little bit.  It gets very dry in Alabama in the summer.  And the roaches just looooooove to come inside to torture me look for water.  I can't even talk about it anymore.

Excuse me while I hunker down until the fall.