Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Belliisms 4

At the hair salon where there was a long bench with a pad on it:
Belli:  Mommy, this is a bed!
Me:  No, that's a bench.
Belli:  Oh, did Cinderella cry on it?  (In reference to the scene where Cinderellas stepmother and stepsisters rips her dress before the ball and she runs outside and lays her head down on a bench and cries)

Me:  Isabelle we need to get dressed
Belli:  No.  I want to be nakey nake aaaaallllllllll day long!

Me (after Belli's time in time out was up):  Why are you sitting in time out?
Belli:  Because I spit out my meena wheats (aka cream of wheat).
Me:  No.  I'm pretty sure it's because you knocked your milk down on the floor.
Belli:  No, I didn't.  It just fell down on the floor all by itself.

Belli:  I don't neeeeeeed to go poo poo.
Me:  I'm pretty sure you do.
Belli:  Well, I'm pretty sure I don't.


  1. The last one is my favourite!

    I love Bellisms!

  2. I just love littles when they're that age! I second the loving the Belliisms.

  3. "Nakey nake"! Sounds like our family lingo!