Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More BabyLegs, Stair Climbing, and Highlights

The nurse called me back and said she should be fine since she is not complaining and none of the pins have shifted or are loose. She just said to watch her the next day or so for any abnormal behavior or complaining of pain. She has not spoken with her doctor yet but she said she would mention it to him and if he thought she needed to come in she would call back. Hopefully we will not get that call.

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Here are some pictures of two other pairs of BabyLegs we bought recently.

And here is a picture of Isabelle trying to climb up the stairs. She was not successful but boy did she try! Also, if you are able to click on this picture or save and enlarge it you might be able to see the highlights in Isabelle's hair I mentioned in an earlier post. You can see them around those two back pin sites.

In other news, Isabelle has been sleeping great these past few nights. It seems that being able to role over on her side has helped things a lot.

We have an appointment set up with her PT at Children's next week to start therapy again. I know she will be excited about getting out of the house and I will be excited for Isabelle to start building up those muscles again!

Also, in case you missed my earlier Tweet Isabelle fell back on her halo earlier today. She did not cry or seem hurt in any way but I called her doctor's office just to check and I am still waiting to hear back from them. I will let you know what they say!

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  1. Looked at her highlights - those will be such cute polka dots when the halo comes off. And is that her incision you can see on her neck? Another question, why does Isabelle need baby legs in the summer? Is it because you have to keep the house cold because of the vest? I ran into Valerie today. I think she has Isabelle next year. S & G start school tomorrow. Let's have lunch soon!