Friday, August 28, 2009

Surgery Decision and Date

Over the past few days I have been thinking about everything Isabelle's surgeon and I talked about Tuesday and weighing the options. Posterior and lose her range of motion, anterior and risk having to have a third fusion. After a lot of debate and a lot of advice from outside sources I had pretty much made up my mind.

I called the nurse on Wednesday because I had a few questions for her and I let her know that I was leaning more towards doing the posterior fusion. I felt like with Isabelle's track record the odds were against us that the anterior fusion would be a permanent fix. I had a feeling that if we did the anterior now we would have to do the posterior anyway when she was older and I knew that it would be much easier for her to adapt to not being able to move her neck now than it would be when she was older.

Her surgeon's nurse called me earlier today to let me know that she had spoken with him about the questions that I had and let him know that I was leaning more towards the posterior. When she told him that he said, "Good, I am too." After doing some research and consulting with the other surgeons he also felt that it would be better to go ahead and proceed with the posterior fusion. So that is the plan.

We are set to go in Friday morning. I am not sure of the exact time but we will be one of the firsts. Once I know more detail about times and everything I will let you guys know.

Thanks to all of you for the continued support and prayers.


  1. It sounds like you have made a very informed decision. I know it must have been very difficult for you, but must give you confidence that the surgeon was leaning the same way as you. I will continue to pray for your peace with your decision and a very successful surgery.

  2. I am so glad that you can have peace with your decision and know in good confidence that you and the Dr. were on the same tract. We will continue to pray for all of you. Let us know a time so we can send up the prayers when she is in there! Hugs to you all!

  3. You are a very good mommy and I believe God has given you the wisdom you need for Isabelle.She will do great and live a full, happy and productive live. We continue to pray for you and Isabelle and anyone that has anyting to do with the surgery. Love always, Aunt Linda

  4. Thank you for your kind words. Your daughter and your family will be in my prayers. I've done the "many surgeries" thing - it never gets easier, decisions never get simpler and the ache of sending your precious child into the OR never eases. I hope you find comfort in your faith, family and friends. A great big hug is being sent by your neighboring state of GA! :)