Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Neuro Appointment Today

Well, as always Belli is full of surprises and you just never know what you are going to get at her neuro appointments.  The good news is that the bad alignment in her neck that was fused still looks good.  That part is still lined up and her spinal cord is still safe.

The bad news is that her head has a slight tilt to it that may not be fixable with therapy.  I noticed that her head tilted a little to the right but just assumed that it was an issue with strength in her neck.  She's always had a collar and has never had a chance to use those neck muscles so it seemed plausible and at this point still is.   

However, the most likely cause is that while she was in the halo one side was cranked a little tighter than the other and her head was in the halo like that.  You just couldn't tell by looking at her.  If so that means that her bones fused that way and therapy won't help.

We will go back in a month for a CT scan so her doctor can get a better look at the bones and we will know more then.  If he sees that the bones have fused that way then we will discuss the options.  I don't know what the options are but her doctor did say that he doesn't know that whatever he would have to do to fix it would be worth it after all that has been accomplished.  Right now it isn't that noticeable so the best option may be just to leave it alone.

But in the mean time I will just pray that it is simply a strength issue and not a bone issue.  But knowing Isabelle...it's probably the latter.   

*Original Post*
I meant to post this last night since I pretty much covet all of your prayers but I forgot until just now.

Belli has an appointment today with her neuro.  It's just a regular check up so no emergency or anything but these appointment always make me nervous.  They just want to check and make sure everything is still lined up and looking good.

So please pray for a good report!  I will post what the neuro says later today!


  1. I hope that Belli's appointment goes smooth with no surprises. It is bound to make you nervous, and I hope you get good news!

  2. Praying for sweet Belli today! And for your nerves, too. ((YOU))

  3. Praying for good news for you two girls!!

  4. I'll be praying for you guys! Give Belli kisses from us!

  5. Oh and I completely missed the giveaway! Can we still donate to the Bell center?

  6. I hate that you had a little bit of bad news...I will def. be praying with you that it is a strentgh issue and will correct istelf with time. Glad the rest of the report was good news though! You two girls are very special!
    ((you and belli))

  7. Oh, sweet Belli! Praying that your bad news is just a case of weak muscles... ((((you))))

  8. oh i hope everything goes well. praying for you guys!!!

    oh, and you won the last giveaway on my blog, so do check back with me!! (jladewski at hotmail dot com)