Thursday, May 6, 2010

Belli's Birth Story

Day two of Mama M's Mothers Day Mania is about the birth stories of our children.  Obviously I only have one birth story and to be real honest with you it relatively boring.  But I will tell you anyway!  I'm actually going to cheat a little because I've answered this question before when I did a Q & A post so I'm just going to copy and paste some of it.  Enjoy!

Belli was in a breech position and she stayed that way the whole pregnancy.  I scheduled a c-section for a week before her due date.  I went in super early in the morning, maybe around 6 or so.  Waited around forever.  Then Belli was born around 9:30...I think.  When they took Belli out she was not breathing.  Her first APGAR score was 1.  She bounced back quickly though and her second APGAR score was 9.  They brought her over to me and I asked to see her feet (which I knew were clubbed before she was born).  The nurses (or whoever they were) just sort of looked at each other and then they told me about her knees too.  They called an orthopedist in the next day and that's when he told me she likely had Larsen's Syndrome.  So that's my birth story!

See, it was pretty boring.  But I wanted to be a good sport and play along anyway.  Make sure and visit Mama M's blog to join in!