Sunday, May 23, 2010

Potty Training-Day 1 and a Duh Moment!

I have finally bit the bullet and decided I MUST potty train Belli now.  She will be 3 in August and just don't have any more excuses.  So this morning after she woke up and used the potty I put panties on her and didn't look back.

And so far it has actually gone pretty well!  She only had one accident all day. 

Belli LOVES letters so I bought her some letter magnets and I told her that each time she used the potty she would get her next letter.  This didn't work out well at first because she would tell me every 5 seconds that she needed to go potty so she could get a letter.  But, once she realized that she had to actually poo poo or tee tee before she would get a letter she stopped.  Now, instead of telling me she needs to go potty she just says, "I'm ready to get my (insert next letter here)."

Tomorrow may be a different story though.  Today I did a lot of prompting, asking her every few minutes if she needed to go.  Tomorrow I think I am going to quit asking her and see if she will start telling me she needs to go.  Wish us luck!

On a funny note, Belli knows the alphabet better than I do.  We went out to dinner tonight with some family and before we left Belli was on letter F.  So before we left I got the G and the I to bring with me in case she needed to go while we were at the restaurant (I put a pull up on her while we were out).  Well she went once and got her G then a little bit later she told me she was ready to get her H.  So we went to the potty and got back to the table and she was all excited about getting her H.  It was then that I realized that I had actually skipped H and went straight to I.  She was not happy that I had forgotten her H.  Obviously I need to go back to kindergarten.