Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Mania-Whoopsie Wednesday

For the next 5 days Mama M will be hosting Mother's Day Mania.  Today's theme is Whoopsie Wednesday.  This is where we tell those stories that we would rather not tell.  You know, the ones about how you accidentally wacked your kids head on the door frame or wall when you rounded a corner or how you tripped going up the stairs while holding your child.  You know...THOSE stories.

For the record I have actually done both of those things but I have another one that tops them all.

When Belli was just a wee little babe (probably around 3 or 4 months) I took her to the mall with me for a little outing.  Obviously she was still in the small car seats that pop into the base and the stroller that goes with it.  So when we got there I just took the car seat out and popped it into the stroller and off we went. 

We were there for a while and it was sort of hot in the mall.  She started getting fussy and I could tell she was uncomfortable so I unbuckled the car seat straps so I could take her jacket off and so she would have some room to move around.  Then we walked around for a little whil and I got a little bit of shopping done.

About and hour later I decide to leave.  So I walk back out to my car, pop the car seat out of the stroller and put it back in the base in the car.  I put the stroller back in my car, got in the drivers seat, cranked the car up, and we were on our way home.

I was horrified at what I saw when I went to get Belli out of her car seat when we got home.  I had forgotten to buckle her back up after I took the straps off in the mall!  I had driven all the way home with her unstrapped.  All I could think about were the what-ifs.  It scared me so bad I was shaking and I just sat in the car with her a boohooed like a little baby.  It was awful.

So there you go.  My big mommy whoopsie!  Wow, it felt nice to get that off my chest!

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