Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Belliisms 3

Here are some of Belli's recent funnies.

On the way to The Bell Center for her summer class I turned up the radio to drown Belli out because her constant chatter was slowly pushing me over the edge.  After a few seconds I hear her yelling, "MOMMY!  WOULD YOU MIND TURNING THAT DOWN.  YOU CAN'T HEAR ME TALK WHEN ITS TURNED UP LIKE THAT."  Exactly dear.  Exactly.

The other day my mom and I were going somewhere and my dad was staying home with Belli.  I explained to her that we were leaving and that Granddad was going to stay home with her and she said, "Can Granddad go to?  I wanna stay home allllll by myself."  I asked her who would feed her and put her too bed and she said, "Oh...I'll do it alllllll by myself."  Right.  If she could do all that my life would be much easier!

Sometimes when she's going potty she will cup her hand over her ear like she's listening for something then she'll say, "I hear tee tee coming!"

At random times through out the day she'll say, "OH, I have an idea," and then quickly scoots away.  I have never figured out what the ideas are yet.

Hope you enjoyed!  It's not as many as usual but that's all I could think of.  Happy Wednesday!