Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Good Day the Other Day

A few days ago I tweeted about what a great day I had and that I would blog about it later.  Then I forgot.  So, I'm going to do it now!

Last week I was looking on my church website for information about getting Belli signed up for Sunday school in the fall.  I fell upon the information for their preschool program and on the application it asks if your child has an IEP or if they have any other physical problems that you are concerned about.  I figured if they had those questions on the applications then they might be willing to take Belli.  So I called the principal of the school (the school goes from preschool to 8th grade) and she was more than willing to meet with me to talk about Belli.

So I went Monday morning and it went GREAT!  The principal said she did not see any reason why Belli would not be able to attend their preschool.  I told her all of Belli's needs and without me even asking she told me all of the accommodations they can make for her, like having and area on the playground for her and other kids to play on that does not involve climbing on the equipment and setting up a different activity during gym time for her and other kids if they are doing something that is not safe for Belli.  She said the class sizes are small so she will be closely supervised and everywhere they will be going are all on the same floor within a close range so Belli would not have to walk too far.  All she wanted was a letter from her neurosurgeon briefly describing her condition and some of the accommodations she might need.

The only bad part is that there is a wait list so she might not be able to go until she is four.  But at least it's something!

Then to top of my good day when I got home from the meeting we went to Publix and Belli went in panties and didn't have an accident.  She also walked around in her walker while we were there and she did great!  And boy did she think she was cute stuff.  One of the employees gave her a balloon to tie to her walker and some random lady stopped her and gave her a sucker.

So that was my great day that I had!