Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Question Friday

Time for Mama M's 5 Question Friday.  I'm going to do my answers again this week instead of Belli's like normal.  I don't have the mental capacity to make up her answers right now!

1.  What do you think makes a good friend or friendship?
The other person is willing to both listen and give advice but is also able to take advice when given.  And they need to actually call a sister back!

2.  What is the last thing you bought and later regretted?
Probably my car.  I love it but I think I should have waited a little longer and I may have been able to find something with a higher MPG rating.

3.  Have you ever had a prank played on you?
Not that I can remember but I did play this really great prank on my big sister from my sorority.  It involved making it look like someone had just run into her car and having her run out of the sorority house to come see and then me and a few other girls hiding behind the cars with tons of water ballons.  It was awesome. 

4.  What is your favorite theme park?
I don't like theme parks.  I'm terrified of height so I can't ride the rides.  I can't wait to take Belli to Disney World one day though.  I've never been!

5.  What you ever seen someone else give birth?
I've never even seen myself give birth.  So no.