Thursday, November 19, 2009


Belli and I have had a pretty busy past couple of days.

Yesterday we had a Thanksgiving lunch at my work and I brought Belli with me. One of my coworkers had her 22 month old daughter Raylin there and they had a great time playing. Raylin kept calling Isabelle "Tinkerbell." It was too funny! And she is such a kindhearted little girl. I was building a block tower and Raylin knocked it over before I was done. I said, "Hey, you knocked over my tower" and smiled at her. She looked at me and said, "Oh...I'll fix it for you." It was so sweet. Isabelle would have been like, "Yep, that's right I knocked it over. And?" Then we had one of the lights in the office turned off and Isabelle said, "It's too dark!" and Raylin told her she would go turn it on for her. It was so cute to hear two year olds have a conversation.

I also finally saw Belli walk with her walker. It was AWESOME!!! Heather, her PT at The Bell Center goes on and on about how great she does while she's in class and how far she is walking with the walker but I never see it and she never does it at home. Well she finally did it for me yesterday after a ton of begging and pleading. She probably walked about 10 feet and boy was she proud of herself. I was too!

Today we met Ellen and Cody at the park after we left The Bell Center. We had a great time walking around the park and then we went and grabbed some lunch after that. Belli loved being outside and playing with Cody. And I of course also loved getting out and enjoying some adult conversation!

Lastly, check out the widget I added to my blog on the left sidebar at the top. You can now click there to donate money to The Bell Center in honor of Isabelle.


  1. That is so awesome she is walking with her walker!!! YAY Belli!!! Cant wait to see that on video...hint hint

  2. 10 Feet!!!! Yay Belli!!! So happy for her and you!