Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alphabitty Moments- F

I have been thinking very hard since last week what I was going to use for "F" for my Alphabitty Moments (by MamaBear).  I was still thinking about it at about 2 o'clock today and had just decided I was going to skip it for now and come back later, when it hit me.  Instead of using an object or a specific thing why not use a concept?  What is something that has been so important in Isabelle's childhood.  Something that we always look forward to?  Well that, of course, would be the FUTURE.  Isabelle's physical development has always been slow going and we are constantly waiting for the future when she will hit her next milestone.  And while I do not like to wish her childhood away I do find myself looking forward to the future a lot when she will be able to do more things.  So....

 F is for Future...

This is the first picture I have of Isabelle holding her head up on her own.  She was 5 1/2 months old.

This is the first picture I have of Isabelle sitting up on her own.  As you can see I still had pillows around at this point because she was still not very good at it.  She was 10 months old.

This is the first picture I have of Isabelle standing.  She has to be holding something and she cannot get into standing on her own.  She also cannot stand without her AFO's yet.  She was 15 months old in this picture.
And this next picture...Well this is our future.  This sweet, precious, amazingly wonderful little girl named Addison was born just two weeks after Isabelle.  Also, with Larsen's Syndrome.  I met her mom, Julie, over the internet through an online message board for people with Larsen's Syndrome.  We keep in contact regularly to celebrate the joys of our girls accomplishments and to compare notes on how they are doing.  It is so nice to have someone to talk with about all of the issues that come with LS but it is even nicer to have someone with a child who is almost the exact age as your own.  I got on Facebook the other day and to my surprise I found this picture...
Little Addison at a little over two years old, is finally able to stand independently.  We are so incredibly proud of this accomplishment and look at Addison as our future.  I know that once Isabelle gets her halo off she will grow leaps and bounds with the physical development.  So congrats Addie!!!  And we are certainly looking forward to our FUTURE!


  1. Aww... it's so cute that you're doing this! I've always wanted to give Alphabitty Moments a try too. Maybe next time.

    And I've definitely been a blog-slacker lately. I don't know what it is, I'm just not that motivated.

  2. Sooooo sweet. Remind Isabelle that in the near future we will be blowing bubbles and reading books!

  3. Great post - so creative and touching! Thanks for reminding me not to take for granted the things that my kids can do. You and your daughter are an inspiration!