Monday, October 19, 2009

Couple of Prayer Requests

I wanted to add one more prayer request. I just came across this blog about a 13 month old little girl named Emma Crew. She is a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome and is currently fighting for her life. From what I understand this happened at her daycare. Please pray for this sweet little girl and her family.

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My creative juices have not been flowing these past few days so I don't have anything interesting of funny to write about. I do however have to prayer requests to ask of you guys.

The first is for Belli. She has a checkup with her Neurosurgeon tomorrow to check on her spine. Please pray that she has a good checkup and everything looks ok. I am always afraid that we will get bad news at these appointments because up until the one last month we did get bad news every time we went. So hopefully lasts months appointment was the beginning of a new trend.

The second is for a coworker's one and a half year old daughter Raylin. She is having some problems with her immune system not building up antibodies and she has not built any defense against illnesses. She saw an immunologist last week and they didn't really get any answers. The doctor just drew some blood to get a base line and they will be going back in January for a check up and to see if things have changed. Please keep her in your prayers, especially with the flu and cold season coming up.

Thanks in advance to all of you!

I also need help thinking of something to use for the letters "G" and "H" for our Alphabitty Moments. I missed it last week because I couldn't think of anything. Any ideas would be much appreciated!


  1. Done! What about Gansta for G (kiddin) and Happy for could write all the ways Belli makes you happy or somethin.'