Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Bunch of Randoms and an Important Subject for Those with Girls

Life has been pretty boring and uneventful the past couple of weeks so I don't have one topic to make a whole post out of. Instead I am just going to throw a whole bunch of randomness at you.

First, an Isabelle update. She is still going strong. No infected pin sites so far (knock on wood) and no more ER trips. She is starting to pick back up on her eating thanks to my mom's wonderful mashed cheese potatoes that Isabelle has for almost every meal. We were able to borrow a gait trainer from her PT at Children's so she has been doing a lot of walking in it and is doing so great! I am so hopeful that once that halo comes of she will keep moving forward by leaps and bounds. We have a check up with her neurosurgeon next week and I will certainly post about that afterwards. Please keep her in your prayers that we have a great check up! Isabelle has also been full of "funnies" lately. Her new favorite phrase is, "Whatcho doing, Mommy (or Daddy or however)." It is so stinking cute. She will follow you into a room and say, "Hey, whatcho doing Mommy" like she hasn't seen you in weeks. She has also learned a new phrase from my dad. For the past week or so whenever she would toot my dad would say, "Did you hear that duck." So, you guessed it. Now every time Isabelle toots she says, "I heard a duck!" Sooooo embarrassing. She hasn't done it in public yet but I am just waiting. Thanks a lot dad =-)

Second, for all of you Birmingham folks don't forget about the poinsettia sale the The Bell Center is doing. They are $15 dollars a piece and the proceeds go to The Bell Center. Money and orders must be turned in no later than October 30th and the poinsettias will be delivered December 7th. Contact me if you are interested.

Third, my sister has recently started a blog Tales from the Concrete Jungle. She is currently living in the Bronx working on her PhD in Theology. She normally has really great stuff to write about ranging from politics to religion to just random funniness (and boy can she be funny). So far she only has two posts and is not living up to my normal standards but I am sure some of her creative juices will start flowing soon =-)

Fourth, I wanted to mention something to those of you out there with girls. I was at the mall this weekend and I over heard a conversation between two girls who were probably eleven or twelve. I was in the food court waiting on a smoothie when these two girls walked up behind me in line. I heard one of them say something along the lines of, "Oh good that one has the fat burner boost in it. I need to get that one and try to get rid of this stomach I have." Then the other girl says something along the lines of "Oh gosh me too. I am so glad it is starting to turn cold so I can start wearing some bigger clothes to cover mine up." I didn't turn around and look at them because I didn't want them to think I was starring but as I walked away I caught a glimpse of two very pretty girls who were probably already skinnier than they needed to be. It was so sad to me that these girls thought they needed to lose weight or cover up their "fat" which was already non-existent. So, to those who have little girls (or even older girls or boys for that matter) please make sure that you teach them self worth. Make sure that they know how pretty they are and that the most important thing is their health, both mental and physical, and not being the smallest girl in the class. Ok, let me step off my soap box now.

Ok that is all of the randoms I can think of right now. Later!


  1. Haha Heard a duck... Brandon would say did you hear that frog? And he'll look around...geez yeah I hope Audrey doesn't start that! lol

    My eight year old is worried about her body... She's been like this since she was 6! Abigail would come home from visiting her dads and she would make comments about my weight. So her dad is putting weight issues in her head. She'll say I don't want to eat too much, I'll get fat... So we've been dealing with this already.

  2. I have twin girls who are still very wee and I'm absolutely terrified of dealing with the weight issues that I know will come up. We're trying, ALREADY, to instill healthy mindsets about food and eating and my husband and I talk frequently about things we can't say in front of them ("Honey, these jeans make me look like a cow" or "Babe, Jennifer Aniston is so hot") but I'm so afraid that they'll end up with unhealthy hang-ups like so many kids do... And what if they start comparing themselves to one another? Gah! So much to worry about! Anyway, love your page and your daughter is precious! Not sure if she's got a boyfriend yet, ;-) but I've got a little boy here who adores older girls with dark hair! :-p

  3. I have an 11 y/o girl. I so hear you on this. Thankfully my dd loves herself and her body (she is actually wanting to try modeling/acting) BUT I have heard many of her (beautiful by the way) friends talk like this. I am not sure if my dd talks like that at school (since I am not there) but have never heard her say things like that around me. It is very heart breaking.

    Her 6th bday party was about 20 girls from school (all 5 and 6 years old) half (if not more) of these kids were talking about how fating the cake is and they would not eat it because it would make them fat. That really shocked me at that age:(

  4. I'm so glad Isabelle is staying strong, and how cute, 'whatcho doing'. I'll have to use that one. Although I don't think it would be as cute on me ☺.

    And that's sad about the little girls. It's scary how early children become obsessed with their body image.

  5. I love, love, love the duck thing and "whatcho doin'?" She's so precious!!! Bring her by work if you have the time! And, I could NOT agree with you more with the comments about little girls and their weight. That is so sad and it gets younger with EVERY generation. I think these little girls hear their mothers and friends say how "fat" they are, when in reality it is very much not so. Mommies and Daddies need to step it up and teach their little ones about beauty from the inside and how special they are...ok, off my soap box. That topic burns me...
    Love, Amy

  6. You are absolutely right about the weight issue among young girls. I have 2 teen daughters, and it is something that has reared its ugly head every now and then. I always tell them they are perfect (and they really are.) I haven't had too many issues with them but their friends, that's a whole other issue! As mothers of daughters we must teach self worth, but parents of boys must also teach their boys that beauty comes in all sizes.