Monday, October 12, 2009

Pet Peeves- The Workplace

Since I love doing my pet peeves posts (say that three times fast) and was particularly annoyed at work this weekend I thought it would be a great time to do a pet peeves in the workplace post. Some of these are general peeves that most can relate to others are more specific to the type of job (apartment leasing). Feel free to leave your workplace peeves in the comments below. If you want to say what type of job you have if you have specific peeves that will be great too.

1. Pulling on the door knob and knocking to get in before we are opened. You are not special enough to get to come in early. Go away.

2. Calling back five seconds after the first time. If I didn't answer the phone it's because I am with someone at the moment. Please wait at least five minutes to call back or just leave a message.

3. Coming in five minutes before it is time to close to sign your lease, get keys, etc. This takes at least fifteen minutes to do. Thank you, you have now made me late.

4. If you come in five minutes before it is time to close to sign your lease, get keys, etc. please do not take your wonderful time to read every single word of your lease and ask me 50 million questions before signing it. This will take at least thirty minutes. Thank you, you have now made me extra late.

5. People who come in five minutes before closing time and say, "I am so sorry. I know you are about to close but..." If you know we are about to close, DON'T COME IN. You are worse than the people who just don't care.

6. Residents who come in and ask me to look up directions to 500 different places when you could have done it on the resident computer and then proceed to FALL ASLEEP in the chair while you are waiting. Yes this did happen this weekend.

Hope you enjoyed! And like I said please feel free to leave your workplace peeves in the comments.


  1. Excuse me??? Fell asleep in the chair in front of you??? I had a person all but ask me to take him to the airport yesterday...really??? No, they make these little yellow cars called CABS to cart you around...just so you know. The public is sooooo me centered!!! Grrrrr...
    Amy :)

  2. This is hilarious! Great post! I'll be back :)

  3. Yeah, so I totally rushed into a store the other day and said, "Sorry to come in so late." :-)

  4. Glad you liked it Confessions!

    Tales, I would have secretly wanted to shoot you =-) Were you out of the store before close? See it's worse when you come in right before close knowing that what you need to do will last longer than the time until close.

  5. at least you don't say what you are thinking, there was a teacher i heard of that had a horrid day. when a parent asked her how her crazy day had been she responded..." i just wish i had a gun. i would shoot them all." needless to say she got fired as soon as the parent ran back and told the director.

  6. *Gasp* I can't believe a person would say that out loud. About kids. At a school! What was she thinking? Oh BTW, if what I said to Tales from the Concrete Jungle sounded a little harsh don't worry! She's my sister =-) I probably wouldn't have said that to a random person!