Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Question Friday

Allllllllrighty!  Time for 5 Questions Friday again!  Thanks Mama M for hosting!

1.  Would you ever vacation alone?  Mommy would get put in jail if I went on vaca alone!  And who would feed me?  Sheesh.  You people...

2.  Do you go the speed limit?
Absolutely.  Especially if I'm going uphill in my trike.  Then it's more like negative speeds.

3.  Why did you start blogging/following blogs?
Well I don't know how to spell yet (except for the word sheep??) so my mommy does the blogging.  She started blogging when she found out I had to have a spinal fusion.  Here is her first post.

4.  Where do you shop for yourself?
Under my bed.  There are tons of "new" toys under there.

5.  What song did you have your first dance with your spouse to or what song do you want to dance to with your spouse.
I think the theme song to Little Einsteins should do.  You can listen to it here

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  1. The theme song to the Little Einsteins is awesome!!

  2. Just popped by for a visit I noticed you had been visiting my blog (so the blog frog tells me..) There are sooooo..many blogs out there but its always nice to find a new one. I'll stop by again.