Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two Year Checkup

So today I finally got around to taking Belli in for her two year checkup (six months late).  Since she had the halo and vest on and we wouldn't be able to get a weight or height and I didn't want her to get any shots with it still on I am just now taking her. 


So when we got in the car I told her we were going to see the doctor.  She said "Dr. Rozzelle (her neuro)?"  I told her no that we were going to see her pediatrician.  She got pretty ticked about that.  She wanted to go see her neuro.  Well after throwing a fit in the car for a couple of minutes she finally got over it and was a very good girl the rest of the time.

When we got there they took blood and she only cried a little bit.  The put one of those urine bags on that has that sticky thing shaped like a U that they stick on them to catch the urine.  We sat there for FOREVER before the doctor finally came in.  Isabelle colored and read a book while we waited.

When the doctor finally came in she did not quit taking the whole time he was in there!  She started telling him about how the "nursery" aka the nurse put a U on her "tooshie" and about her book.  He said, "Oh, I see you have a book."  And she responded with, "And I have a blankey too!"  Then she started telling the doctor about his pen and that it was black and that he had a "puter" aka computer.  While he was in there another little baby was getting shots in another room.  Isabelle looked at him and said, "Oh, that baby's crying...Can we go seem him cry?"  It was so funny!  I told her that it wouldn't be very nice to look at the baby cry and she seemed ok with that. 

He then started asking me how she was doing with her walking and everything and I told him that she was able to walk with her walker short distances.  Well as soon as she heard me say the word walker she went on this long spill about how her PT came to the house this morning and they walked with the walker and did standing and rode on the tricycle.  He of course thought she was precious and obviously healthy.  I'm pretty sure he was ready to get out of there though!

She weighed 23lbs and 14ozs and was 34 inches long.  She was in the 3rd percentile for weight and 10th for height.  So she is back on the charts, at least according to their weight and height.  Quiet honestly I don't trust their scales or the way they measure so I'm not sure how accurate it was but I'll take it!

Once the doctor was finished the nurse came in with Belli's shots.  She screamed liked a mad woman for about a minute and then she was over it.  While she was still screaming the nurse took off the urine bag and Isabelle screamed at her, "ALL DONE WITH THE LETTER U!!!!!"  Oh my...It was funny!


  1. "All done with the letter U!!!!!!"

    That, right there, is my new new, "leave me the hell alone!!!!"

    LOVE it!

  2. I love hearing funny stories from the mouth of toddlers! When we had our toddler foster sisters, the 4 yr old would not stop talking and she would say the funniest things!

  3. she is too funny!! Glad she is doing well.. im sure the doc was impressed with how well she is talking!! :)

  4. She is just too cute. I remember them trying to the Letter U with Madison and she just wouldnt go. Madison also is the the 5th percentile for weight and like 15th for height. She has always been and I say her younger brother by three years is soon going to by pass her on weight. She has always been like this so we are not concerned. She eats a lot and quite healthly! (is that a word?)

    Glad you got that taken care of and it is all over!!