Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting to Know You

I am so excited about Keely's Getting to Know You this week.  This week for every person that links up she is donating 25 cents to the Red Cross to help the relief in Haiti.  So make sure you link up!

This weeks questions are...

1.  Hair color...natural or not?
Natural!  I have NEVER dyed my hair and never plan on it either.  Maybe one day when I start turning gray I will but let's hope that's not for a while.

2.  If somebody has food or lipstick on their teeth do you tell them?
It depends on who they are.  Family or friends absolutely.  Strangers...depends on the situation I guess.  If it was a classmate or teacher about to make a presentation or something then yea because that would be really embarrassing for them to get up in front of a bunch of people with something on their teeth.  Random lady at the grocery store?  Probably not.

3.  Would you rather have a million dollars or your version of the perfect body?
A million dollars!  I already like my body but even if I didn't I could use some of the million to fix that.

4.  Favorite Magazine?
Ok...I know I'm going to get ragged for this.  But....The Reader's Digest.  I KNOW!  Don't even start.

5.  Bra style...lacy or plain?

6.  If you walked into Victoria Secret are your more likely to walk out with something sexy or comfy?
Well considering I sleep in a t-shirt and pj pants...comfy!

7.  Do you fake and bake?
I haven't recently.  I asked for a gift certificate for Christmas but someone never got it for me...

8.  What is your favorite physical feature on a man?
Definitely arms and hair.


  1. Hahaha..I like your rephrasing of the last question..

    Reader's Digest huh..hmmmm..;-)

    That someone should have gotten you the certificate for tanning...

    You must have great hair!

  2. I wish I never had to color my hair...I bet I am completely gray...and I just turned 30...gotta love genetics! I always say, with two balded grandmas and a completely bald father, I am just lucky to have any hair. ;)

  3. I used the read the Reader's Digest habitually. I loved it! We don't have a subscription to it so that is really the only reason I don't read it now. Love your answers!

  4. I am not going to make fun of you for Reader's Digest... because I had a subscription of it from the time I was about 12 to 20!!! When other girls were reading "Seventeen" and "Cosmo", I was reading RD. You're a kindred spirit!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  5. Keely- Yes he should have gotten it for me!

    Momof3- LOL. I suppose that is true to just be thankful for what you have =-)

    Sonora and Confessions- So glad I'm not the only one who likes RD!

  6. you are not alone. i so love reader's digest.

  7. I love me some RD too! Always have!

  8. I've never dyed my hair either. However, these little grays are really starting to annoy me, so we'll see!

    By the way, I actually like Reader's Digest too! :-)

  9. Ok getting me some readers digest!!

    And so jealous of your hair!!