Thursday, September 24, 2009

Belli Update

Isabelle's appointment today went well.  Her surgeon said that everything was still where he left it =-)  Her pin sites still look good and she continues to tolerate the halo well.  He wants to see us back in a month. 

I asked him what was the longest she could have the halo on if everything continued to go well.  He said he would like her to have it on long enough for the bone and bone paste he used in the second fusion to harden so it could be another two months.  Because she is safer with the halo on then that is what we are shooting for.  Please continue to pray for no infections and that Isabelle continues to tolerate the halo so she can keep it on.

I know I said I was going to do Alphabitty Moments for the letter D but my brain is so fried from studying that I can't even think of anything to use for D.  So as soon as I think of something I will put it up.  I welcome any suggestion =-)


  1. Thanks for Belli's update...glad to hear things are lookin' good. How does she tolerate the halo?

  2. She tolerates it very well. No infections and no skin or skull break down so far. She does everything she did before she got it on so it doesn't seem to bother her one bit!

  3. Oh...I commented earlier and I guess it didn't save :( I am glad to hear that Belli is doing well.

    I had some ideas for "D" but not sure how the Alphabitty Moments work...drama, disappointment, diapers, dribble, daunting, daisy, dainty, ....I had a few more but since it didn't post....

    Well just stopped by to say hi since I haven't been on in awhile.


  4. Glad to hear she's doing well too..What an awesome little girl you have!!

  5. Doggie. Duh. As in the one that she uses to play Itsy Bitsy spider with Aunt Sissy.

  6. I think I am going to use "Doctor." I just don't know what picture I am going to use.