Friday, September 4, 2009

No, Right Now!

This is what my sweet little girl said to her nurse in the PICU when the nurse told her she would get mommy in just a minute. She wanted her mommy right now!

Isabelle is doing very well right now. She of course is very cranky and fidgety. I went back at 4 to see her and we decided to give her a small dose of morphine to calm her down and help her sleep. We left at about 4:45 in hopes that she would get some sleep. If she sees someone in there she will stay awake. It is VERY noisy in the PICU though so I doubt she will get any sleep anyway. Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to get into one of the isolation rooms in the PICU. Instead Isabelle is just behind a curtain. So there is nothing to drown out the sounds or light. Hopefully we will get into a room tomorrow and she will be able to sleep a little better.

We are probably going to stay out in the waiting room until the 8pm visiting hours so until then we will just be sitting and waiting. Feel free to email me or something so I can be entertained!

And thanks again for all of your prayers.


  1. Sweet, brave little girl. That had to make you feel good that she didn't want to wait 1 second longer before she could see Mommy! Love, Amy

  2. We've been thinking about you girls! I saw your mom's email this afternoon and was so happy that everything went so smoothly. I know we can't come visit, but let me know as soon as we can come over and play. Give her lots of hugs and kisses!!
    Love, Libby

  3. How sweet...she wanted her Mommy NOW!!!!

    I know our girls LOVE their blankets and actually call them silky...

    Glad to hear she is off the vent and hopefully she will get some sleep and you also.

    Praying that you both have a peaceful night and a room tomorrow!