Friday, September 18, 2009

Five Question Friday

Yay!  It's that time again so here was go...

1.  What is your favorite line from a movie?
That would be from Little Einstein's Big Huge Adventure.  "Let's help rocket fly to the moon.  Clap with us, clap with us, clap, clap, clap!"

2.  What group did you belong to in school?
Currently that would be the loud mouthed trouble maker group.

3.  If you had $1000 to spend on just yourself what would you do with it?
I would buy a bunch more Gerber thermal blankies so I would never have to hear my mommy say, "No, that one is dirty."  I would also buy more Elmo movies so I won't ever have to hear mommy say, "No that one's broken."  And BabyLegs!

4.  What was your favorite childhood cartoon.?
Baby Einstein.  Definitely.

5.  What kind of sleeper are you?  Back, tummy, side, sprawler?
Before the halo was put on I slept on my tummy.  Now I sleep on my side.

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  1. How precious....yea, my little guy would be the loud mouth trouble maker group too...LOL

  2. Number 2 sounds familiar. I can't imagine where she got that from. :-)

  3. I think all kids know what pat, pat, pat, pat means...blast off! :) And your daughter is in good company - I'm STILL in the loud mouth trouble maker group. :)

  4. hahaha!! Laughing hysterically at number 2!!

    LOVE FRIENDS! Oh man! I could watch it all day everyday!

    “Phoebe: Oh no, none of them are the father. The father is my brother.
    Nurse: Okay…
    Rachel: I am so gonna miss watching you freak people out like that!”

  5. Too cute! Thanks for helping me out with my "situation" on my blog. Belli is precious, and I'll be praying for her. Is this something she can recover from, or will she have to live with it for the rest of her life? She is so sweet! My baby loves Baby Einstein, too. We got a billion of them from the library, and I've been able to get all of my laundry done in one day! Whoo-hoo!

  6. It is something that she will live with the rest of her life. With surgery and physical therapy she will be able to lead an almost normal life but she will always struggle with the physical problems. Sorry I couldn't be more help with your blog situation!

  7. YAY for the SEC!
    And Belli is SO cute. I used to nanny for a little one who loved Little Einsteins. I can still hear, I'm going on a trip, in my favorite rocket ship . I'm afraid it's stuck in head forever! :)

  8. For cute!! I love that little einsteins pat-clap chant as well!