Friday, September 4, 2009

Night Update

We went in a little after 8 to see Isabelle. She was feeling and acting much better since she got a couple hours sleep. Still a little cranky and groggy but better. They also moved her to the other side of the PICU away in a corner that is much quieter, bigger, and private. She is still just behind a curtain but it is much better than where we were. And it has a TV so I can watch football tomorrow. Yay!

They are taking Isabelle down for a CT scan tomorrow morning just to check the positioning of her spine and all of the instrumentation that they used. Thankfully her surgeon is the weekend neuro (they rotate weekends) so I will be able to speak with him more in depth about Isabelle than I would if it was another neuro.

Of to bed now. Will update tomorrow.


  1. I'm so glad that Isabelle came out of surgery ok and wanted her mommy right now. That is too cute. I hope you get your own room soon. At least you have your team to provide some entertainment. Give your girl kisses from me!

  2. Hope you and Isabelle got some sleep. We pray that Isabelle is doing well and is very peaceful. Tell her "R-o-l-l Tide" for me. Love you both, Aunt Linda