Friday, September 11, 2009

Five Question Friday

It's time again for Five Question Friday. In honor of September 11th Mama M. has chosen some patriotic questions. These questions will be a little hard for me to answer with Isabelle's answers but I will do my best!

1. Where were you when you heard of the September 11 attacks?
Half of me was at my mommy's high school. When she got to school she heard the t.v. in a teacher's room and went in to see what was going on. She watched as the second plane hit and then later as the towers fell. The other half of me was with my daddy. I'm not sure what he was doing!

2. What is your favorite patriotic song?
Since I haven't really listened to too many patriotic songs that I can remember I am not sure. But my favorite patriotic sound would be fire works on the 4th. That's patriotic right?

3. When you hear "America" what do you think of first?
Knowing that I am in the best place for my medical care and that under the right circumstances and with a lot of hard work I can grow up and do anything I want to do.

4. What are you most proud of America or Americans about?
I am proud that my fellow Americans voted for our current president in the hopes that he could help change some of the things wrong with this country. It is just too bad some people won't give him the chance.

5. When you hear "American Food" what do you think of?
Apple pie and hamburgers. Neither of which I eat. But that's just what I think off.

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  1. Hi Mama M - I love all your patriotic questions - what a wonderful way to honor the day. I found your blog through the BlogFrog network and wanted to pop over and say welcome. If you ever have any questions about your widget, just let us know. So nice to discover your blog!

    Holly (co-founder of TheBlogFrog)