Monday, September 7, 2009

No Title

I realized after I posted this that I never actually blogged about getting to go home. I only Tweeted it. So if you don't follow me on Twitter and missed the Tweet on my sidebar then you didn't know we were home. Duh! So surprise...we're home!

*Original Post*
I could not think of a title for this post. After about five minutes of thinking I realized that I could have been half way finished with the post already if I hadn't spent five minutes trying to give the post a title. So I just named it "No Title." Creative huh? Right.


Some of you may remember this post from the first time Isabelle came home. So I only found it fitting to take this picture when we got home Sunday.
Yes the balloon is tied to her halo. And please do not look at the picture too closely because I look awful!

Isabelle has been doing great. She slept all night last night and for the most part has been a happy camper. She has been asking to take the halo off a lot today and it breaks my heart. She does it right around the time she needs some more Tylenol or Motrin so I think she starts hurting and wants to take it off. This morning was really bad because she hadn't had any medicine all night and she was crying and begging me to take it off. Oh it was so sad. She has done much better through out the day though since she was getting regular doses of medicine. I think I will wake her up tonight though and give her something so she won't be so miserable in the morning. I did get to wash her hair tonight but it will take a few times to get it completely clean again. There is a lot of gook and gunk in it. And dried blood. Because I know you guys wanted to know that =-) I also have to take the bandage off of the back of her neck in a couple of days. That should be tons of fun since it goes up to about the middle of her head and the top of it is on her hair. Ouch! Other than that I do not have much to update on. We will go back in two weeks for x-rays to make sure everything is still in place and the fusion is taking. So the prayers are for the fusion to take and no infections in pin sites or the incisions.

I do want to post these pictures that I took before the surgery. In case you don't know Isabelle has very very very loose joints. She can do a lot of weird things with her body that should just not be allowed. She has figured out how to get onto her tummy and the following is the step by step progress in pictures.
Pretty talented huh?


  1. Poor baby! That has to be so hard for her to understand! And so tough for you to have to be the one to say no!

    Praying for both of you!
    And I would definitely give her motrin/tylenol in the middle of the question!

  2. God bless her; it hurts my heart that she was asking to have her halo taken off...Much love and lots and prayers to you both. Love, Amy

  3. I will take tummy time whenever we can get it! Too funny. She woudl not dream of doing that if it was someone elses idea.


  4. Glad ya'll are home! Sorry I've been MIA...things just got crazy here with two sick kiddos last week. Being mommy never ends huh? ;) I'm thrilled she tolerated her surgery as well as possible.
    Oh and Glad Alabama won last night for you too. :)