Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Food for Thought

I have had a lot on my mind the past couple of days with the new health care bill being passed.  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know my stance on the matter.  To say I am ecstatic about this might be an understatement.  This bill could mean so many great things for so many people, myself and my daughter included.

I have heard and read what the naysayers think about this bill and it hurts my heart to see the hatefulness in some people.  The lack of caring for others less fortunate is really sickening to me.  There are many statements that I have heard over the past couple of days that I won't go into detail about but there is one in particular that I wanted to touch on today because it has stood out the most to me for two reasons. 

It has been said in various forms but the gist of it is that this health care reform is socialized medicine.  There are two reasons this has stood out to me and bothered me the most.  The first being that this reform IS NOT socialized medicine.  There is no reason for me to argue the point because I'm sure it will not do any good so I'm not going to.  But the second, and really most important reason, is that most of the people making these comments are Christian.  I know this because I either know them or they have it on their info page on Facebook or I have been a member on message boards with them long enough to know.

My problem with this is that the majority of these people are the first ones to throw the Bible in your face, quoting scripture, and telling you what Jesus would want (like they know).  So my question (however cliche it may be) to all of those people is, "What would Jesus do?"

He would be a socialist. 

Wouldn't he want the same care for everyone no matter what he had to sacrifice for it.  Didn't he sacrifice his life so that everyone else could live a happy life?  So if he can sacrifice his life for us what is such a big deal about you sacrificing whatever it is that you think you are going to lose with this health care reform?

For those who are angry because they have to pay more taxes...isn't that better than having people who cannot afford health insurance and are dying or drowning in bills because of it?

For those who are angry because they think the quality of our health care will now go down (which I do not believe will be the case)...Isn't it better that everyone get the same quality health care than some people getting great health care because they can afford it while others don't get any at all?

I believe these are all things Jesus would agree with.  And wasn't the whole point of God putting Jesus on Earth to give us a human example of him to try and strive toward? 

Just a little food for thought.  I hope I gave some of you a different perspective on the matter.  Feel free to leave comments.  Feel free to disagree but please keep it friendly!