Saturday, March 13, 2010

New York Day 1

I'm cold.  I'm wet.  I'm exhausted.  But I am having a blast!!! 

We left my sister's house this morning and walked a couple of blocks to the train station in the Bronx which took us to Grand Central Station.
 Then we went to Mary Poppins.  It was awesome!  I wanted to sing so bad but I figured that wasn't a very good idea.  Here is a picture of the billboard.
 After that we went to Hard Rock Cafe and had dinner.  As always they had some really awesome music stuff but by far the best one was this guitar signed by Paul McCartney.
 Here are a couple of other pictures from Hard Rock Cafe.
 And here is a picture of the gross train tracks.
And here is a picture of some...differently dressed girls.  My cousin was "taking a picture" of my sister and me but really she was trying to get a picture of them.  I cropped us out though because the picture was really horrible.
 Tomorrow:  American Museum of Natural History and Bodies:  The Exhibition.