Sunday, March 21, 2010

New York Day 3 and 4

Finally!  Here are some pictures day 3 and 4 of my New York trip.  Day 3 was taken at Top of the Rock (which is the top of the Rockefeller Center).  We also went the Museum of Modern Art that day but I didn't get any pictures there.  Day 4 was at the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.  We ended up not being able to actually go to the Statue of Liberty but we did go to Battery Park which is where the ferry leaves from.  So I took some pictures of the Statue from there.

So first up....Picture of the New York City sky line from the Top of the Rock.

Here is the Empire State Building
Here is a view of Central Park from the sky.  Sorry if you can't see these pictures very well.  It was raining that day.
And here are some other random pictures of other buildings.
Here is a picture of the Statue of Liberty
And these a probably my favorite.  These are from Times Square which is probably the coolest place ever.  They have a three floor store devoted just to M&M's.  It was awesome.
So that was my New York trip in a nut shell.  We went to the Bronx Zoo on Wednesday and I took some pictures there.  I may or may not post those later.  It was a really awesome zoo though.  It was huge and had every animal you could imagine.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures!