Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alabama vs Florida- A History Lesson

Alabama has played in the SEC Championship game 6 times since it started in 1992. It will be 7 on Saturday. Each time they have played Florida. The records are as follows:

1992: Alabama 28-Florida 21. Alabama went on to beat Miami for the National Championship that season.

1993: Florida 28-Alabama 13.

1994: Florida 24-Alabama 23.

1996: Florida 45-Alabama 30. Florida beat the Florida State Seminoles later that year in the National Championship game.

1999: Alabama 34-Florida 7

2008: Florida 31-Alabama 20. The winner of this game was all but guaranteed a spot in the National Championship game. As you may know Florida won and again went on to win the National Championship game that year.

So I know life isn't all about taking turns and fairness. But it is totally our turn. Just saying.


  1. I am cheering for ya'll SO HARD this weekend. I am a fervent anti-Gators fan (can you be an anti-fan???), so I cheer for whoeve they play against! It looks good for you-- their star defensive player is benched for a DUI (not that you needed any help!).


  2. Thanks! I knew about Dunlap but what we really need is for Tebow to not do well. Everybody is saying that if we can stop Tebow we can win the game.