Monday, December 14, 2009

Tomorrow's the Big Day

Isabelle has an appointment with her neurosurgeon tomorrow.  She will have a CT-scan tomorrow and if all looks well we will set a date for the halo to come off.  She will have to be put to sleep so if he is already booked it might not be until after Christmas before it comes off. 

To be honest I'm pretty nervous.  I know the doctor won't take it off if she isn't ready but I still worry about her safety.  As much as I am ready to see the halo go and as much as it totally SUCKS it is keeping her safe.  He will most likely put her back in the c-collar once it comes off and that will help my nerves.  Please pray that the right decision is made in regards to whether the halo should come off.

I am also nervous because although I know she will never be able to move her head again I am afraid it might not actually hit me until the halo comes off.  Right now when you look at her with the halo on it is obvious that she shouldn't be able to move her head.  But once it's off I feel like she should be able to move it (I mean duh!).  So please also pray that I handle it well when I see for certain that she can't.  I mean like I said, I KNOW she can't...but I still just haven't seen it yet.


I will post sometime tomorrow and let you guys know!


  1. Good Luck!!

    I'll be thinking major positive thoughts..

  2. We will be praying for you guys! I hope it goes well. Try not to stress...I know easier said than done.

  3. You and Belli will be in my thoughts. Trust in the doctors, and trust in yourself, too!


  4. I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best. I will also keep you in my thoughts as life without the halo takes some getting used to for both of you

  5. Praying really hard for sweet Belli and your piece of mind! Again, you are an amazing mommy! :)