Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So What's Belli Been Up To?

In all of my Alabama obsessed posts I have not being paying as much blogging attention to my sweet Belli as I should be. So I wanted to give everyone and update on what Isabelle has been up to.

She is still hilariously funny.

Believe it or not she has actually been eating very well! Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised at her weight when she gets the halo off.

Speaking of getting the halo off we go for a CT scan on the 15th to find out if and when so send up some prayers!

We asked her earlier who was going to take her halo off (thinking she would say Dr. Rozzelle). Her response, "Santa Clause!" I hope so sweet girl! What a great Christmas present that would be.

When we go to The Bell Center tomorrow there might be people from CNN shooting video of Isabelle with the dogs from Hand in Paw. That is literally all of the information I know and I will post more details when I know more.

We've raised $1,756.70 for The Bell Center so far. You can click on the FirstGiving widget on my side bar to donate or click here for more information.

One of Belli's old PT's came by the house today to visit and she brought her adorable little boy, Ben, with her to play with Belli too. She adopted Ben a little over a year ago and we hadn't had a chance to meet him yet. He is just as adorable in real life as he is in all of the pictures I have seen on her blog. It was great to see both of them. They are also Auburn fans and she has taught him to stick his thumb down and say, "Boooo!" whenever he hears, "Roll Tide." It was too cute and funny for me to even care.

Ok, I think that's it. Please go donate to The Bell Center if you can! And I will let you guys know if I get anymore information about the CNN thing.


  1. kids are so sweet. i wish i was still that innocent and hopeful. i hope that santa will take her halo off for xmas.

  2. We had a great time hanging out! It was so fun to just be there talking and playing instead of making Isabelle work! Thanks for having us! Ben LOVED his present. That was so sweet of you!

  3. Wowza!!! How cool would that be if Belli were on CNN???? Well, actually, it'd be cooler if it was Fox...but anywho... ;) Looking forward to hearing the update!

  4. Prayers for you Dec 15th visit. I hope she gets it off for christmas. How wonderful! And that would be awesome if Belli were on CNN! You don't get bigger than that!