Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Funday-Getting to Know You

Now that I am finally home for the day I can to Keely's "Getting to Know You."  Here are this week's Q&A's.

1.  Middle Name?

2.  What do you think is your best physical asset? 
My hair.  I've got pretty darn good hair when I have it cut.  It's way too long and not good looking right now.

3.  If you could only eat one time of cuisine a year what would it be?
ITALIAN!!!  I love it.

4.  Walmart or Target?
Depends on what I am looking for and the mood I am in.  For food, Walmart.  For clothes, Target.  If I'm in a good mood I can handle either.  If I am in a bad mood, Target.  Their clientele tends to be more polite and all around nicer people!

5.  Favorite state besides the one you live in.
That's a tough one.  Of the states I have been to (13 I think) they all have great qualities.  You've got the casinos in Mississippi, Gatlinburg in Tennessee, River Walk in San Antonio, and all the historical sites in Virginia.  However, none of those could possibly beat the warmth and beaches of Florida.

6.  What side of the bed do you sleep on?

7.  King or Queen size bed?
Hmm...I think the one I am sleeping on now is a full size bed.  Well scratch that.  The one I normally sleep on is a full size bed.  But, now that my sister is home for the holidays I am bunking with Isabelle and sleeping on a twin bed.

8.  Beer or wine?

9. Water-ice cold or room temp?
Ice cold.

10.  Christmas-love it or hate it?
Love it! 


  1. aww... what I would give right now to escape to a wonderful florida beach!! Hope you and Belli have fun being cuddle bugs this week :) Goin to work on my getting to k now you post soon... way behind :)

  2. Ahhh Florida! We have family there and they are always sending pics of them on the beach and christmas cards by the pool. Like come on don't rub it in!!

    So jealous of your hair, I hate mine and its a tough thing to hate when you have to deal with it every day. I know it could be worse but when I see people who love it, I get jealous!!

    Waiting on a Belli update post!!