Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today's the Day

That we have all been waiting for. Yep, that's right THE GAME is here. Alabama vs. Florida for the SEC Championship game and a spot in the National Championship game in January. I know I've been talking about it all week and I'm sure most of you are finally glad it will all be over with so I will just shut the heck up already.

And I promise...after tonight I won't mention Alabama football least for a while. Because you see if they win don't forget we will be going to the National Championship game in January and THAT will be something to talk about. All though they lead the nation with the most Championship wins (12) they have not been to the championship game since 1992. They played Miami and won. I was just a mere 6 years old and can't even remember the game. So for me this will be my first chance to see them in the championship game.

I know a lot of you guys probably think I'm nutso for caring so much, especially those out of the south. But a common phrase you hear in the south is, "Football isn't a game, it's a religion." It's true. My high school football team went to the state championship game all four years I was there and won three. They played again, and won, in Bryant-Denny Stadium (Alabama's field) last night. As it turns out every team (out of six divisions) that got to use Alabama's locker room as opposed to the visiting team's locker room won. A sign? I hope so.

So, I will continue on with my day praying and hoping that Alabama will come out victorious tonight. The game is a 3pm central time. If you don't hear from me by the end of the night with a huge blog post about how Alabama are the SEC Champions...I wouldn't talk to me for a few days.