Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Happenings

So now that it's four days after Christmas I thought it was time to do a Christmas post.  Bout time huh?

We spent Christmas Eve at my Aunt's house like we do every year.  Belli's was so good!  We didn't leave until nine and she was still happy and playing even though it was more than an hour past her bed time.

         And here is a picture of her with my cousin Lori.  She loves Lori!

After that we left and went over to Isabelle's dad's house where we both spent the night so she could have Christmas with both of us.  Since she didn't get to bed until 9:30 or after I was hoping she would sleep later than normal.  But, no.  6:30 as usual.  So I got her out of bed and she went and woke her daddy up.  Then it was time for presents.

  Honestly, she wasn't really that excited.  She just wanted to watch her "hippo movie."  I had to convince her to open all of her presents.  I think she was just tired but she eventually got into it and especially had a fun time with her new doll house.

After that we left to go back home to Mimi and Granddad's house where we had Christmas AGAIN!  She was even less excited here than she was at her dad's house.  Here she is sucking on her tag on her blanky thoroughly unamused by the whole situation.

After opening a few presents I finally gave up and put her down for an early nap.  She was cranky!  She slept for about two hours and woke up much happier.  When she woke up she opened her new piano from Mimi and Granddad and got her new car.

 It was a pretty cold out on Christmas day so we didn't stay out long but she had a great time riding in her car and on her new tricycle.

Ok, I know she doesn't look real thrilled in that last picture but trust me, she had fun!

So, that was our Christmas.  Hope you guys had as good of a Christmas as we did!  Check back later today or within the next couple of days for a great video of Belli playing the ABC's on her piano.


  1. She looks super cute! I love the pictures!

  2. I love that girl's cheeks!! Could just eat her up!!

  3. She is adorable as always! She sure got some great things for Christmas. She really loves her blanket tag, doesn't she! LOL

  4. So cute!! love the pics.. thanks for sharing them with us. Emma got one of the little people houses as well!!

  5. She is a love! So fun to find your blog and what an honor to read about Belli!

  6. Thanks for all the sweet comments!

  7. kids and christmas gifts, you just never know how it is going to go. nice to see her enjoying her pile of goodies.

  8. We love Elefun here!! Such a cute game!

    Great pics, she does look the happiest sucking on that tag!!

    I wish they had the rose petal cottage for my daughter when she was that little, it looks super cute.

    Kids are too funny with presents. Last year we had to convince Chase to open them and this year he knew exactly what to do!

    But when we got to my moms house and she handed over a ton of presents he shook is head no and was crying at everything he opened. Lovely.

  9. She is such a cutie and she got very spoiled at Christmas! She deserves it though! :)