Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just spoke with a nurse who is in the Operating Room with Isabelle. They were successful in getting her intubated. Praise God! She is currently on the ventilator and that will be doing the breathing for her for at least the rest of the day and night until the swelling goes down. This is great news but we are not out of the woods yet. The actual surgery has not started. Right now all of the different medical teams are getting everything ready and getting all the probes on that she needs. They should be calling again in the next hour or so with another update. Continue the prayers. They are working!

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  1. Good afternoon. My husband and I attend church with Ashley and Adam Price and have been praying for you and your daughter. Isabella is in my every prayer sweetie. God is so WONDERFUL and I know that he is with your sweet angel every minute. I have complete confidence that she will be able to sit up and talk with you before you know it. My name is Moe Stewart and please know that my husband David and I, along with a very, very mighty group of Prayer Warriors from Calvary Baptist Church are on your side and will pray for your sweet baby endlessly!!!!

    Love to you and Isabella, Moe and David Stewart